Mailbag: Mr. Paul in Venice

My buddy Paul Rangell has an artist-in-residence thing going on in Venice, Italy... far from his hometown of Santa Cruz, Cali! Aside from wonderful reminiscing and travel-brochure-worthy passages that've graced my email box, there have also been photos... and in this post... photos from a museum full of antique instruments. The first three pics are instruments made by Luigi Mozzani c.1915 while the last is unknown.

I will also leave you with this totally bizarre snapshot -- which is clearly not as lovely as the photos of canals, random police boat sightings, and high-class food -- but is perhaps what's most etched into my mind from his travelogue!


bonnybroome said...

Jake, do you know my friend Fred Carlson?
A maker of highly unusual guitars. The Humanitar is his latest. From Plainfied VT but now in Santa Cruz.

bonnybroome said...

Here is looking link, Fred is the fellow on the left.