2000s Cordoba CM10 Concert Uke

This barely-used Cordoba is all-laminate, ran at $100 or so brand new, and comes with a gigbag. Hey, not bad! I've had other Cordobas in for setup and have tried a mess of them out at Guitar Sam in Montpelier and my opinion on them is: they sound and feel great... but need a decent setup "out of the box." Usually, like most cheaper modern ukes, these have high nuts and too-low saddles.

That said, after setting it up this has that jangly, bright, punchy sound that modern players are in love with. The thin laminate works really well at bringing out that chimey tonality. This is a great sound for strummy, sunny songs but won't get you that Tin Pan Alley "chuck" that's so useful for old-timey music.

The satin finish is thin and looks swell up against the faux-abalone rosette.

The tuners are guitar-style and a bit cheesy, but at this price point, who cares? They work just fine.

I popped a small shim under the saddle during setup to get spot-on 1/16" action at the 12th fret.

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