Resource: 1938-39 Oahu Guitars Catalog No. 22

Mr. Steven Koster has provided us another vintage Oahu catalog scan. While year-to-year the catalogs don't change a whole lot, they do change a bit and that's a useful thing to have on reference. Thanks! So, without ado, enjoy.

These are hosted at my Google Drive account but may be downloaded freely. Enjoy! Please share, save, host elsewhere, mirror them, and keep them in the public sphere for free use.


Anonymous said...

Whatever happened to the SafeTiString post? The world is still waiting for it but I suppose we can keep puncturing our meathooks!

Jake Wildwood said...

Hah, they're still available as the Kluson split-shaft posts... but only for solid headstocks. 3x3 Kluson "SafeTiStrings" were used throughout the 30s/40s on guits and then got replaced with the classic Fender-style split shaft units we're familiar with in the 50s.