Resource: 1937-38 Oahu Guitars Catalog No. 21

Mr. Steven Koster has made available to all of us this scan of the 1937-38 Oahu catalog #21 and will also be sharing another vintage Oahu catalog with us pretty soon as well. Thank you very much! I did not make any notations in this file (it's very similar to my 1939 scan) but there are a few distinct differences (particularly that Volu-Tone section) which are interesting! The devil's in the details, for sure.

These are hosted at my Google Drive account but may be downloaded freely. Enjoy! Please share, save, host elsewhere, mirror them, and keep them in the public sphere for free use.

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Anonymous said...

I like that Betty Boop pin! Then there's that important discussion on humidity and keeping your instrument protected from the problems caused by heating! Some things are timeless- like great guitars!