1987 Korean-made Squier Bullet Bass

Update: I've swapped out to lighter strings (100w-40) and the minor neck relief has subsided.

Fender moved Squier production from Japan to Korea pretty quickly and this Bullet bass (basically, a Precision Bass) was built in that first era of Korean production as it has a 1987 serial on the neck plate. It has that classic P-Bass thumpy sound, a wider 1 11/16" nut width, and the same long scale and typical adjustable bridge (albeit top-loading) that should be familiar to most Fenderites.

I set this up a while ago for a friend and, as I recall, he had a bit of electronics work done as well. He's since moved on to a Kala U-bass (of all things!) and is letting this one go. It plays well but with normal-tension strings (these are 105w on the bottom as I recall) and the truss-rod cranked the treble side of the neck has a little under 1/32" overall relief to it while the bass side has roughly 1/64" relief. If the tension is backed-off to 90w or 95w strings, this relief also backs off.

It's a pretty typical situation for most older electric basses: unless you've got a multi-reinforced neck they'll tend to upbow a little on the side bearing most tension (the treble side).

Note the strap-button solution to needing a "string tree" on the A string. It works!

I believe the string set is a GHS set of flats.

Rosewood board over a maple neck... typical, typical. The finish has aged-in a bit on the neck giving it a warmer yellow color, though.

The body has a bit of scratching and some use marks but overall the bass is pretty clean. There are no hard impact cracks or anything like that.

I like these compact vintage-style tuners.

It comes with a decently-padded Fender gigbag.

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