Lucia Day in Vermont!?

The last time the family was down in Connecticut my Mom gave our Oona a book about St. Lucia Day in Sweden (Dec 13th). Her side of the family is mostly Scandi in origin and we fit in a lot of the more fun folky holiday traditions (lutefisk -- no!) where we can. At any rate I've been reading it to Oona at bedtime for weeks on end and as Dec 13th crept up we found ourselves making pepparkakor (gingersnaps) and lussekatter buns the night before. 

This explains the super-cute above pic of Oona playing the title role and passing out buns to the jam group on Saturday morning!

Little Elsa (or as I like to call her, Little Else, heh heh) was supplied a Tinkerbelle outfit from relatives and wore that for the morning and later switched into an outfit more suited to her sister's Lucia role.

Mama made the whole outfit (a class act) and here's a shot of the very first activity of the morning...

...waking Dada up with a platter of cookies and buns!

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Hi Jake,

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