Ephemera: Red Foley Show (1957)

Surprisingly, Red poses with a 50s Kay for this shot advertising the Red Foley Show in '57. I'll bet he didn't know the neck pockets on all those Kays are just garbage when it arrived in his arms. Thankfully... they can be fixed!


Anonymous said...

I have a circa 1950 SS Stewart Jumbo made by Kay. I think the neck has never been reset and it is just fine.However, the top has bellying and its bridge has been replaced with a pin bridge- so you can't win them all! Perhaps, Red reset the neck on his before appearing on the show. I don't suppose Hank Garland was toting a Kay if he was there at the show in the band!

Jake Wildwood said...

Heh heh, I was just being a jerk. I can't help but take potshots at Kay neck pockets. Every one I open up I chuckle at a little bit but they always go back together fine.

Jake Wildwood said...

FYI, as a sidenote, of the big 3 lower-end Chicago companies in the 20s-30s, Kay made the most secure neck pockets comparatively. I dunno what happened in the 40s but that's when they started getting loose corners and rounded edges and stuff that makes them fail more easily.