c.1930 Regal Size 5 All-Birch Tenor Guitar

These size 5 Regal tenors are fairly common (a testament to their popularity) but despite that their specs seem to have changed from year to year in terms of detailing. This instrument is a customer's and even though it's an all-birch instrument it has details I'm more used to seeing on the spruce/birch version (generally a step up) of a Regal tenor -- namely the cool multicolored purfling and rosette. It's also got a pretty nice sunburst, too.

Work included a neck reset, fret level/dress, new tuners, new rosewood bridge, and setup. It's strung up for CGDA tuning (standard) with 32w, 20w, 13, 9 strings and it plays quick and easy.

The instrument is almost entirely crack free. There's just a tiny hairline on the back that was glued up some time ago.

I added a set of new Kluson-style tuners which replaced the original friction pegs which make tuning a chore for most players.

Original brass frets, pearl dot markers, and dyed-maple board.

The top edge and soundhole are bound in black and edged in multicolored purfling of the type I've gotten used to on Regal parlor guitars of the same time. Harmony also used this same type of purfling from time to time as well.

The new rosewood bridge (compensated) replaces a period but mucked-up dyed maple bridge.

The dark streak on the upper bout rear is not a crack but there is a tiny, glued-up hairline crack at its bottom edge. It also looks like the back seams were reglued in a few spots some time ago.

There are the new Kluson tuners. I think the neck is poplar...?

The Bell Brand tail accepts loop or ball end strings. I had to rehang the tail during setup for a good straight string pull.

An old 60s chip case comes with it.

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