Another Nutty Week

Wow... go away for a couple days on family affairs and the world gets crazy! This is just a note to let folks out there know that fun stuff awaits.

It was raining furiously today so tomorrow morning will get you some pics, reviews and clips of a newer Loar archtop guitar as well as a somewhat recent Taylor 110E. Later on in the day I'll be trying to get a bunch of vintage ukes up and on the inventory consigned by my friend Fran of the VT Uke Society.

What else? Upcoming both in repairs and for sale are a variety of x-braced Kay dreadnoughts, Harmony ladder-braced big boys, an old Vracas mandocello (the nearest to the finish line at the moment on the major repairs side), and a nice selection of old 30s, 40s, 50s, and 60s smaller-bodied Martin and Gibson guitars.

Other highlights include a horde of Oscar Schmidt, Harmony, and Regal-made 20s parlor guitars and some fun old German trade violins including some bizarre fractional ones.

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