Review: Blue Chip Picks

I've been meaning to review Blue Chip picks for a while. Whatever these things are made of... they're amazing. I initially got sucked into them by a friend of mine (I was at that time in the camp of unbelievers... "What, a $35 pick? You're kidding me!") who gave me a CT-55 on the house.

All I have to say is: try them yourself. I was into them bad enough to order another CT-55 "wid me name on it" and a 40 of the same shape as well. The 55 is my standard mandolin, electric bass or lead flatpicking guitar pick while the 40 is my strumming, crosspicking, and electric guitar unit that I also use for just about everything else. When one of my picks had the name engraved slightly off they sent me the flawed pick as well (nice)!

What I find about these is that they just pull more everything out of an instrument: you get more depth and richness as well as more cut and volume. They might not be the perfect pick for someone who strums really hard with thin picks (to get that chimey sound) and are terrible for tenor banjo (where a flexible, very thin pick is ideal) but for use in trad or Americana-style music of all stripes they really do sound great and the thicker varieties can be a very useful alternative for Gypsy jazz and archtop guitar backing work as well.

So: there.

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