c.1965 Suzuki Model 4095 Classical Guitar

Another customer's guitar: this is a 60s/70s Suzuki student classical (all laminate build) that, after work... sounds actually rather nice! It's got a big old Spanish-style neck (25 5/8" scale with 2" nut and bigger C profile) and light fan bracing with an angled (or "transverse") main brace like on the old 1930s Regal guitars which really opens up the bass side of the instrument to shine.

I gave this a fret level/dress, light cleaning, and bridge shave/saddle replacement as well as setup with a new set of Aquila "Super Nylgut" Alabastros. It's got good volume and a very useful voice. I'm always constantly surprised by the depth of tone that some of these old laminate Japanese classicals can get. Action is set at my "classical standard" or 3/32" at the 12th fret.

There's some top binding damage near where an endpin would be on this guitar but it was repaired/touched up long ago and has no issues.

Being a student guitar the hardware and fittings are cheap but functional. Plastic nut.

Flat rosewood board. There are micro side-dots which help.

Rosewood bridge, too... and plastic saddle. I tend to string classicals with knotted ends because it increases the back-angle over the saddle generally which = more volume and added punch. I tend to think it can be more tuning-stable as well.

The sides have neat edging to them that gives this a classier look.

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jarrod said...

hi jake , love your page if you ever need help dating or need info on a Suzuki guitar come see me at https://www.facebook.com/groups/kisosuzukiguitars/ .
ps love your little improv ditty on youtube with the daion doubleneck 80 , I really love mine . cheers jarrod