August Parts: 1960s Fender JBL D120F 12" Speaker

It's not often "holy grail" speakers pop out of unremarkable cardboard boxes coming into the shop but this one was certainly nice to find! If you know what these are... you know what these are. They famously came on Fender Twin Reverbs and it's likely that this is where this speaker originated considering the Fender part number stamped on the side of its grey frame.

This speaker has apparently been reconed at one point with an official JBL parts-kit E-series cone and what can I tell you...? I popped it in a cab for testing and it sure rocks it. This thing is bright as heck (Tele or steel players look no further) but very full and rich. It seems to be pretty efficient, too, because when I pulled in my micro 1w and 2w tube amps they screamed on this. No wonder there's a following for these...

The aluminum dust cover has one little fingerprint-ding. Not an issue.

I'm guessing that MSR Sound reconed this a while back for Be Music which is right down the road from us in Rutland. The speaker seems to have been reconed and then never pulled out of the box since!

...and there's the box.

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