c.2010 Fender American Standard Telecaster

This was just in for setup but I wanted to share because of the color scheme: b/w/b pickguard with a maple neck over SG "transparent cherry" on the body... not bad! The guitar tain't bad, too, but I'll tell you what: after having the pleasure of setting up and working on a number of older Teles (60s, 70s) I really must admit I'm a fan of the older finish styles. New features like the corner-less bridge plate and individually-adjustable saddles are nice to have for playing's sake... but I just don't like a dipped neck.

As expected... after a tiny bit of intonation and height adjustment at the bridge and a little slotting at the nut... this was ready to go in 10 minutes.

I also wanted to mention another thing: it seems like the break angle of the strings over the saddles is a bit higher in modern Teles than in older ones. This is a minor difference but it does add to a "stiffer" feel on a guitar like this.

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