c.2010 Gibson SG Electric Bass

Another customer's instrument, this SG bass is an as-new USA Gibson product and it was in for a simple setup. The owner has flatwound strings on it and I immediately thought to myself "+15 points" when I saw them as they really suit the vibe of this type of bass.

It's a modern take on the old EB-3 bass and so has a short scale, mahogany body, and light weight as specs in its favor. This is the sort of bass (like a Fender Mustang or Musicmaster) that makes you want to play long gigs as it's effortless to play and hang from a strap.

The body is finished in back with an open-pore satin poly finish. It's quite modern looking compared to the old glossy finishes on EBs that tend to crackle all over and chip out.

I always thought those big clover tuners looked a little silly on EBs and they do here, too, but not too silly.

Rosewood board, big old frets...

A fully adjustable bridge is nice to have in this day and age...


Anonymous said...

Did you mean EB 3 style?

Jake Wildwood said...

I sure did!