Ephemera: Summer Longing (c.1925)

Canoes, banjo ukes, picnics... with this confusing weather (40 degrees one day and then -15 the next) I'm starting to really appreciate the idea of ponds and paddles. However, I'm sure in Elgin (in the same general area where my mother's side of the family used to roost) it's not so balmy right now, either.

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Anonymous said...

To me the mid 1920's was one of the best times for vintage acoustic guitars.

Oscar Schmidt were making some of their best guitars. Regal made nice instruments in this period. Harmony were making those small bodied 'parlor guitars' that would set them on the road to a huge production increase in the 1930s and onwards.

The life of H.A Weymann and Son as a manufacturer was coming to a close even though they were now producing the best banjos and guitars. Koa had not long been popularized as a tone wood and Martin and other companies took advantage of that and made some really interesting guitars.

Stencil and Screen printed guitars were still a few years away but the fashion was decalcomania (Decals).

The Great Depression was a few years off, and many of these companies would not survive it.