Ephemera: Mission to Cold (c.1910)

Ah, Presbytarian missionaries bringing music and hard looks to the Inuit communities of the frigid north.

Speaking of events in the frigid north -- for those of you who picked up instruments over the weekend (thanks!) they'll be shipping out tomorrow. I've run out of shipping supplies for smaller instruments so I have to lay some in or improvise before getting those out to you. Thanks for your patience!


Anonymous said...

Do you know anything more about this photo?
I work at the Alaska State Museum. Our Sitka Museum was founded by Dr. Sheldon Jackson a missionary in Ak. Real curious about this. It isn't Sheldon Jackson but these guys would have likely been working for him.

P.S. The museum gang Plays and build instruments as well.


Antebellum Instruments said...

Paul -- I will email you as well when I get downstairs to my email program but here's the direct link: