c.1920/2014 Redwood Drum for Elsa

The wifey said, "we need a drum for Elsa!" So... I poured out all of the capos and random detritus that was collected in this neat-o redwood block-construction bowl onto my desk, popped an old 1920s banjo skin in some water in the sink, and then stretched the skin over it to make a drum.

Voila, instant (well, hour+) tabla sort of sound.

I drilled and reamed out a couple of holes to let some sound escape. The skin is attached with a zillion little screws from my parts collection. I used washers to spread some of the tension more easily.

Yes, you can do this, too.

Here's the cute old label on the bottom.

So far, Elsa likes it but likes it better when she hums into a kazoo and I'm the fool monkey beating on a drum.

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