c.2000 Korean-made Steinberger Spirit Electric Guitar

Oddballs like this guy most noticeably come into the shop via trades which is exactly where this one came from! It's a cute guitar, very small and compact, and after I got used to the no-headstock-weight, I thought to myself "heck, not bad at all." Despite the 80s vibe, I feel like these are sort of fun sci-fi guitars. I certainly don't feel like playing the normal stuff on it -- it desires lots of odd effects and quirky lines. But maybe that's just me!

It's a Superstrat sort of configuration with a 5-way switch, volume and tone controls, and 3 EMG pickups. After a bit of quick setup (and even with the super-lightweight old strings on it), it was happy and playing again with spot-on string height and intonation.

The top is flamed-maple veneer and the back seems to be a solid 2-piece hunk of mahogany. Both are stained a turquoise blue color and the top edge has binding to accentuate the wild look.

The zero-fret design makes tone consistent throughout the neck. The board is rosewood with pearl dots and is lightly radiused.

All the hardware is black, including the metal dome knobs. The bridge is easily-adjustable via fingers and an Allen wrench. You can "lock" it in position via a little set-screw in the side.

The back is contoured like a Strat as well with a "tummy cut."

Even though the rest of the guitar is oddball, the maple neck and rosewood board give it a familiar feel.

This guit was signed by Warren Haynes over the ABB 2001 pass.

Original gigbag included!

I think if you're looking for something either lightweight and compact for travel or a guitar that's suited for tucking into a tight space at a practice area, this sure fits the ticket.

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