c.1955 RCA Victor 1x12" Metal Speaker Cab

This is a bare-bones, industrial/institutional two-tone grey/green, painted-steel 12" speaker cab. What makes it great is the 4-ohm, 12" Jensen PM ("Alnico 5") speaker inside rated at around 25w or so and also the surprisingly-full sound of the cab itself. Unlike this slightly earlier Victor cab with its ply baffle, this one is metal throughout. That makes the whole unit absurdly lightweight for a 12" cab and that's a huge plus for my personal taste: I hate lugging around heavy amps and related gear.

My work was simply cleaning, general tightening up, and installation of a good-quality jack on the back panel (for easy connection to your favorite amp) which is soldered with a good-quality speaker cable to the speaker's leads.

The Victor medallion is pretty slick. It bears the "16mm" reference because this was intended for use as a projector speaker cab to begin with.

Here's the inside with the (short) cable I've soldered up. If you have to open the back for any reason, it's best to be careful as you don't want to yank the cable off.

This is a nice-sounding speaker and it's in great shape -- very clean, no tears or holes, and ready to go. Tonally I was super-impressed by the warmth and breathy/clean bass especially when running this unit with a good amount of gain and fuzzy distortion. It sounds great and very 50s/60s retro in voice.

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Anonymous said...

Just wondering if that cab is for sale... I have an Atlas branded supro dual tone which was sold in RCA Victor stores and an old supro amp head... Only because the rest of the combo decintegrated... Would make a nice pair...