Workshop: Uke Surgery

Here's an old 20s Stella uke in for repair -- it has cool "gambler's" decals.

Check out the home-brew tailpiece and bridge setup which was used to facilitate steel strings (sigh). This will all be removed and "made right."

Geared guitar-style tuners were added at some point (they look like 20s/30s units to me).

Here you can see that "bridge" foot off and the reason the original bridge was long gone: someone must have bolted it to the top after it came up from steel tension... (hence the ripped-out holes).

There are several repairs going on here: the main mid-brace is being reglued, there's a back brace that's being reglued internally (via a shim-style "clamp"), and several seams are being reglued.

Here's an entirely different instrument: a 1950s Harmony mahogany concert uke. As usual, the original bridge is much too tall (and coming unglued), so rather than slice and dice it down to size, I've made a new rosewood bridge (to match the rosewood fretboard) with a fret-saddle installed. I'll decide whether or not to install a pin-style stringing system or a "hole through" style stringing system tomorrow.

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