Ephemera: Nova Scotia Pickin Season (c.1910)

Hopefully I'll be doing this later on today! Photo shot in Nova Scotia probably around 1900-1910. Looks like a typical trade catalog 5-string banjo from the 1890s, to me, too.

Anyhow, a ton of stuff shipped out on Saturday morning, so if you're a customer who hasn't received tracking via PayPal or USPS redirects, please get in touch with me... I had a wall of stuff hanging out on the porch for pickup!

Been having lots of fun, locally, too. Lots of shows! The Baba Yagas played in Bethel on Saturday afternoon and the week before that I played with a couple groups for Rochester's Harvest Fair. Coming up are a few fun shows, one of which is a gorgeous wedding at a very scenic spot in town and also the "Save the Bus" festival-ish event at The Wild Fern in Stockbridge. Mr. Latzky is also organizing some events right in Rochester's Pierce Hall very soon and I'll keep that updated, too. I know I'm opening a fun show on Oct. 5th.

So, that's the news for the moment. Lots of fun guitars, ukes, and banjos upcoming for next week, too!

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