c.2001 Hohner 280C 64 Chromonica Harmonica in C

Here's an as-new, super-lightly-played professional chromatic harp (via the push button you can sharp and flat all notes). This is the "64" model. I picked this up via family of my buddy Tom S. and it plays beautifully, in tune, and so absurdly easily that I can't believe it. It's true that you get what you pay for, huh? These run $230-250 new. Ouch!

There's only the lightest bit of tarnish on the front plate. I popped it open and checked it out and it's clean, clean, clean.

Modern synthetic valves on the low end.

Good case, too.

Someone kindly scrawled the purchase date: 9/5/2001 on the bar code label.

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