c.1955 Fin-Der Diamond Head Plastic Soprano Uke

Bob (the Hoosier Man) and I were getting ready to repaint the porch tomorrow so the rusted-out "for looks" cookstove moved back down to off the porch and received a bunch of flowers today.

...and I found a little 50s Fin-Der soprano uke growing out of it!

This uke is in great shape -- no cracks, no seams coming undone... just strings and a setup and it's up and running again (and playing well, now).

I like the simple, traditional look of the Fin-Ders from the front.

...and this one has a medium-grey/purple "bowling ball" style back that sports some flecks of gold here and there, too.

...and yeah, the effing cool multicolored tuners, too!

This uke is pre-sold and going to a "good cause" -- a grandma's granddaughter who'll hopefully give this thing a good workout!

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