c.1935 RCA 1x8" Speaker Cabinet

While the box runs 15" x 15" x 9" and the grill could hold a 10" behind it, this cab sports an 8" instead. Originally this was a field coil speaker with all sorts of (unfortunately corroded, slightly useless) components installed, but I've converted it to be useful as a "plug and play" 8" speaker cab for guitar (or other) amps.

I've left everything on the outside original. This deco grill is actually painted steel and the screen behind it is a vintagey copper color. I've added padding here and there to keep it from rattling at higher volumes. Note the cool lightning-bolt RCA logo!

The handle is leather (I'm pretty sure) and in great shape.

Who doesn't love old info plates?

The single jack on the back is my only external addition.

Inside you can see the newer Jensen C8R (rated at 25w, 8 ohm) that I've got installed. The cone has a tiny pinprick hole in it that I glued up. It still sounds 100% but I figured this modern speaker would be more useful than the only other 8" I had around -- a 50s one that has a bit more of a nasal, boxy sound to it. In comparison, I've been using this same Jensen in another cab with a 40s mono amplifier for use playing big band stuff from my iPod... it's got a good full sound.

There's plenty of room in the lower half of this cab to install some sort of DIY amp, too.

Also, just a note, but I used a Switchcraft jack plus a section of good, heavy-duty speaker cable for the wiring.

I just wanted to show you the felt I add at the hinges and "buckles" of these old cabs... this severely cuts down on rattles from parts that may or may not loosen up and keeps the case nice and tight.

This cab is fairly heavy for its size as it's incredibly well-built with heavy ply. Yes, this is part of the reason it sounds so good!

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