c.1890-1970 String Packet Lot

I've been trying to organize my overflowing amount of ephemera, so I figured I'd post another installment of "Jake's Flea Market." These are all old string packets and boxes, most with strings still in them, many without, that I've stashed away. A lot of these are duplicates of items I already have so I'm putting them up for someone who might be into them as a collection, for art projects, as photo props, whatever. I have many tacked on the wall in the shop as decorations.

This first (above) pic is of the Gibson packets I have on hand -- looks like 60s guitar strings, 50s mandolin strings, and a 1930s dilapidated box (unfortunate).

Here's the "Black Diamond" lot in various colors and string types and with two boxes of essentially unopened tenor banjo single strings. The white "Harmony" sets are packaged for Harmony by Black Diamond and probably date to the 60s. The rest look like 1920-1940.

This last pic is of a total, very cool, mishmash group including a box of Gretsch 1930s mandolin strings (and many single Gretsch packets with cute adverts in them), two boxes and packets of "Dur-a-Glo" flatwound mandolin strings (early flatwounds -- 1930s is my guess), and a whole ton of other packets... gut uke strings from the 20s, 1890s/early 1900s Birmingham (JF Stratton) mando strings, and fun-label violin and classical guitar string packs.

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