c.1970 Yamaha Japan-made FG-75 Concert Guitar

This is a customer's old guitar but I figured I'd share for any Yamaha fans out there. This is a Japanese-made FG-75, meaning laminate all over in a vaguely classical-guitar shape. It even has fan bracing, though it's bulked-up for steel string tension.

Despite the limitations of the laminate wood, it has a nice balanced tone with good volume and clarity. The neck shape is a comfy 60s-Martin feel and the neck is mahogany with a truss rod loaded in. Both the board and the bridge are rosewood.

Work included a fret level/dress, some brace reglues, and a seam repair. It also got a light setup afterwards and it just plays great. I've got it strung with 50w-11s which feel a lot better (and sound better) than the 12s that were on it initially.

The truss cover is missing.

All-in-all, I'd say this would make a very practical beginner or intermediate guitar. It's rugged, reliable, and has a great feel. It has that laminate ice-picky overtone sound here and there but it can be overlooked because it plays so well!

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