c.1955 Merano 12-bass Piano Accordion

I know what you're thinking -- several days of no instrument pinups and then you post an accordion? Yeah, so what? I like accordions! But in all seriousness -- there's some "dandy fretted stuff" headed your way via the blog in the next few days, too.

This smallish Italian-made instrument is actually built rather beautifully. Internally it's quite well-made and the whole thing still plays in tune with other (440) instruments. I've run up no hits on the Merano brand name, but I'm sure it was just a redistribution mark and this was probably made by some large firm.

Also, aside from trashed original shoulder-straps and a missing medallion (note yellow glue mark where one should be), this is in excellently clean shape. My only work was to open it up and supplement the original felt gaskets to prevent small air leaks. I also added a single-shoulder luggage-style strap but I'm sure I have two hanging around somewhere in black to perform the same duty properly.

The gold-painted grill work is pretty cute.

12-bass means bass notes and chords for Bb, F, C, G, D, A and that's it.

The bellows are good and tight and the instrument plays quite nicely. It's not much of an effort to play this fellow.

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Anonymous said...

Hey jake,
Sent you an email about this accordian but didn't hear back. Really keen, If you could email me at derifity@gmail.com that would be awesome.
Cheers, Olly.