Ephemera: Three Regals and one National walk into a barge... (c.1935)

Seriously, what's not to like? There's a Harmony-body National alongside three Regal products and an unknown fiddle, with riverboat/houseboats arrayed behind. Is there anything better? Maybe beer and warm pretzels thrown into the mix, I suppose, but...

...at least the developer was "Deep in the Heart of Texas," too.

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Rolfyboy6 said...

OOOooooo1 That Harmony bodied National. I had one just like that and a slightly smaller one with that wavy Harmony 30's headstock. Wish I'd never sold them (had to). The bigger one had intonation problems that I didn't know how to fix then. Sigh. God it was funky sounding. The little one was loud as can be. Sigh.