c.2010 Recording King Resonator Ukulele

This is another instrument from the Skanktone collection and it happens to be an import Recording King resonator uke (concert scale), though the shield badge is missing at the headstock. Unlike the last one I sold (which was nickel-plated on the body), this one is a curious "champagne" color that looks rather dashing, really. It's not as dark-looking as in the photos but it does reflect all those strange colors -- pinky, brassy, bronzy, bluey.

Anyhow, after a quick setup and a new set of Aquila Nylgut strings, this thing played and sounded 200% better. The factory setup on these guys is rather terrible so it's always nice to play something like this in the best possible light.

This has a plated-brass brass body, nice spun aluminum cone (not as stiff as some I've worked on), mahogany neck, and ivoroid-bound rosewood fretboard with abalone dots. Aside from the extra-glossy typical-Asian-made finish, I'm pretty fond of the look. Compared to an actual National (large-body) uke product, the body on this is actually a little larger and wider which gives this uke a warmer, mellower sound (but still banjo-uke levels of volume).

The grey-tinged pearloid headstock veneer is cute. Plastic nut.

The tuners work fine but they're a bit "skimpy," being your standard $10 import type. Slightly nicer units with maybe black buttons would add a lot of class.

This comes with its original fitted "flight style" case, too!

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