c.1990 Fender Japan Telecaster Deluxe

Well, I spot no serial number at the headstock and a "Made in Japan" stamp at the bottom of the neck, and I'm too lazy to pop the neck off just to date this, so I'm estimating that this is a late 80s or early 80s Japanese-made Tele Deluxe (meaning: bound sides). It's a great guitar, has that fun 4-way switching, and was in the shop from a customer for a fret level/dress and setup.

This has the feel of a '60s Tele with a thin rosewood fretboard and medium-profile neck. The sound is big and lush with that typical Tele bite (yum).

I love the look of bound Teles, especially with a simple sunburst finish. I have no idea whether all the wear and tear on this guitar is "true" or if it was relic'd at some point, but it looks great and lovingly worn-in.

The black tuners are replacements. Bone nut.

Simple white dots and plenty of wear to the board! This has gotten played!

So, a word to Tele owners: please don't let your bridges get this rusted-up! It looks cool, but... I managed to get the action and intonation dialed in but it was quite a bit of effort to get everything to "move" again and the low E height adjuster is simply frozen in place. I shimmed it with a tiny bit of veneer wood to get proper height, but, ya know... just a "word to the wise."

She's a cutie!

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Matt said...

The fretboard almost has an ebony look from far away. Those black tuners really accentuate that. This is a sharp looking guitar. Very nice.