c.1981 Peavey T-60 Electric Guitar

I've sold a few of these made-in-USA T-60s and they're fun guitars every time they come in. For guitarists who like a lot of tone options on one slab, this is your machine. You can coax a bunch of Fendery and Gibsony sounds out of this guitar thanks to the very effective controls and pickup selection: you have two humbuckers which can have coils "turned off" to make them (in effect) single coils when your tone knobs are rolled up past the 7 notch. You also have the usual 3-way selection switch and a phase switch, too, to gather some of those ethereal Strat sounds when both pickups are "on."

Work included a light fret dress, cleaning, and setup with a set of 10s.

The body is a 3-piece solid ash build and usually these guitars are quite heavy. This one is on the lighter side, feeling about the same in weight as your typical MIM Telecaster, so the player won't get worn out using it at a gig.

Peavey touches like the fun headstock shape, triangular string tree, and steel nut give the guitar it's own character.

The truss rods on these guitars are quite effective and the neck is a plain-topped hard maple type similar to an early Tele. The feel, however, is completely different. These Peavey necks are incredibly fast. They feel ultra-modern and quick, but still comfortable in a way many super-thin necks do not.

I love the look of the dual-blade humbuckers.

The Peavey bridges are very practical, as is the rest of the guitar.

The neck has micro-tilt adjustment and the body is finished in a plain-Jane satin polyurethane. It's only got light wear on it and the whole guitar is quite clean.

The Tele-style string-through-body setup is a big bonus in my book.

Here you can see the "tummy cut" which makes this cozy in the lap.

Oh, right, and an original form-fit hard case!

...with original instruction manual!

This guitar was originally part of the Skanktone Guitars collection. Skanktone was run by Joe Schenkman of right-here-in-Rochester, Vermont, and specialized in fun, funky, wonky, and wild old guitars (among other things). He amassed a very cool personal collection that's been off-and-on stored for a number of years and now a fair number of the quirky and fun vintage items are being sold through Antebellum. Thanks for sharing the toys, Joe!

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