c.1935 Regal-made Milwaukeean Hawaiian Guitar

This is a slightly-smaller-than-0-size flattop guitar made by Regal and branded "Milwaukeean." It's all-birch in construction and has faux wood-grain and faux (painted) binding throughout. That said, it has a great sing-songy open sound to it thanks to its lightweight build and transverse bracing (like ladder but with the main brace angled more like half an X brace).

Work included some back brace regluing, a bridge reglue, replacement bridge pins and endpin, a new set of Kluson tuners, and light cleaning. Oh... and also one seam separation reglue. It's in really clean shape, though. All I did to "spruce it up" was wipe it off with a clean cloth!

It's currently got a set of 50w-11 strings on it that allows it to be at perfect tension for lap play in open E tuning (EBEG#BE) which suits the body size especially.

I love that the fret numbers were stenciled on right from the factory! Usually you see these marked up with a pencil.

The "Milwaukeean" stenciled label is really cute. The rosewood nut is original.

Original bridge with original bridge screws... heh heh. I scrounged older plastic pins from my parts bin to match the rest of the aesthetic.

This guitar's shape and style give me flashbacks to a Regal-made Radio Tone product (click here).

While they don't match the original 3-on-a-plate Kluson strips, these single-unit repros sure work well.

...and an endpin so you can stand with it Dobro-fashion!

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