c.2000 Danelectro U2 Reissue (Korean) Electric Guitar

Another guitar from the "Skanktone Collection," this Danelectro U2 reissue is near-mint and looks excellent. Here's the caveat, though, kids: there's an original '56 Dano U2 sitting right next to this one in the shop as I write this, sporting the same finish (albeit darkened and yellowed from age). These reissues really nail the vibe and come very, very, very close to the tone of the original.

The neck feel is very similar as well, though the fretboard is slightly more radiused and thicker, the frets are larger, and the headstock is the same shape but bigger (it sits nicely in a String Swing). It's also got an adjustable rod in it vs. the unadjustable steel rod in the original neck. The tuners on this guy are more practical than the openbacks on the original, there are extra bolts for the neck on this guitar, and overall this guitar is maybe a pound to a pound and a half heavier (probably because of these extra "safety features").

So, I'm pleased to say -- yup, these Korean-made Danos do it right!

My work on this guy was only a light setup (including lightly compensating the unwound G & B strings at the saddle). It plays great and is ready to roll, no issues.

This is the "Aqua" finish and with the cream sides it really evokes '50s cars. So sexy.

Gotta love it!

The frets are in great shape. This guitar is in an almost unplayed state. I can tell it got a little use but it's mostly been case candy since it was purchased originally.

Oh yeah, what's that? It comes with a hard, tweed-covered, Dano case, too? Man!

This guitar was originally part of the Skanktone Guitars collection. Skanktone was run by Joe Schenkman of right-here-in-Rochester, Vermont, and specialized in fun, funky, wonky, and wild old guitars (among other things). He amassed a very cool personal collection that's been off-and-on stored for a number of years and now a fair number of the quirky and fun vintage items are being sold through Antebellum. Thanks for sharing the toys, Joe!

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