c.1955 Vega "Arthur Godfrey" Baritone Ukulele

Well, it doesn't get much cleaner than this!

Vega baritone ukes come in several different versions, two of them rather "plain Jane" mahogany models like this one, but this one (unlike the later variation) is an actual Boston-made Vega product rather than a jobber's product with a Vega name on it.

It's my experience that these ukes sound just as good as Martins an Favillas and it shouldn't be a surprise why: lightweight, accurate build, very thin and nicely-cut fan bracing, and good-quality solid woods throughout.

Work included a tiny bit of cleaning and light setup: adjustment for height at the bridge and nut, and a new set of strings (Martin fluoros). It sounds big and full and reminds me a lot of the "Solo Lute" model in terms of timbre -- sort of a big, thick bottom end with a lot of focus and a sweet high.

This one has no cracks, though it does have finish checking. Overall, it's the cleanest one I've held in my own hands.

Good rosewood board with pearl dots. If you're at all familiar with Favillas, this has a very similar feel.

The single-ring inlaid rosette is the only real decoration. This uke is all-solid mahogany save for the bridge and board which are Brazilian rosewood.

The original pegs turn smoothly.

Good neck set.

And last but not least: an original chip case in great shape...!

...sporting the Vega crest!

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