c.1925 Lyon & Healy Monkeypod Camp Uke

Oh, man, I never get tired of these guys. L&H made them in so many variations they can make your head swoon, too! Normally these have a banjo-style turned resonator-style back but this one has a stnadard "flat" back (more uke-like) which gives it a less projecting but sweeter tone.

Work included a fret level/dress, cleaning, extra screw to mount the neck (see pics below), and setup. There are also a couple of tiny hairline cracks I drop-filled for stability's sake (though they weren't moving). The monkeypod wood tends to dry out on these guys and I don't think I've seen a single one that doesn't have at least a few tiny hairlines in the top.

Gotta love the looks! This has black binding around the top edge and I love the smile bridge!

Nice pressed-in Camp Uke logo. This also has L&H patent friction pegs which work nicely.

Unlike most Camp Ukes (which have black dots), this one has ivoroid ones which look pretty slick.

Yessir, she's a handsome one!

The serial number dates this to 1925. Also note the second screw I added: these usually have one "up high" on the neck and so the neck has a bit of room to tilt if the screw gets slightly loose. I shimmed up the top of the heel for proper back angle, tightened up the first (top) screw, then predrilled and installed this second one below it at an angle to "tack" the heel secure. It also keeps the heel from twisting side to side if you bump the uke hard or whatnot.

"Dada! Why aren't you taking a picture of me?"

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