She's here! Expect small delays!

Little baby Elsa was born Monday morning around 6:00 AM and today Oona started singing her "original songs" on Mama's '20s Richter uke!

That said, please expect a short delay if you purchased an instrument recently. I'm trying to get them all out tomorrow (Wednesday), if I haven't already. Also, if you've been emailing me in the last few days, send them again (likewise for calls) because the sleep deprivation is catching up...

I also recently got a new Droid phone and it's sent some of my Gmail emails to some sort of email purgatory where I can't get them over to the main workshop computer. Please don't be offended if I haven't gotten back to you if that's the case -- it's not personal!

See you all soon!


Billy said...

Mazeltov! Wonderful news, Jake! Congratulations and blessings to all, and especially to the mama!

Frank said...

Congratulations, for the whole family from Holland. Still in love with your Regal squeerneck.


UKEonomics said...

That's awesome! Congrats on being a dad again!