More Spring Cleaning!

Well, heck, it's been mighty warm and snow-less lately up here in the hinterland and I suppose that means time for more Spring cleaning!

I've been selling off quite a bit of nice stuff from my personal collection to fund some other (familial) projects and now I've listed a few more including this nice bass I just built for myself as well as (finally) relisting the elusive ES-150 I keep putting up, hoarding, and putting up again. If it tortures me to sell something, that can speak volumes about tasty the instrument is... believe me.

If you're into amplifiers, I just recently bought and am selling a brand-new Fender Excelsior which has only been played in the shop enough to break in the speaker. These are great amps for the money but I rarely play live with an electric loud enough to give it the proper use it should be getting.

In other news, the Wildwood gals and I have been doing a bit of visiting with relatives recently so please excuse any slow communication on my part! UkeOnomics put up an email interview with me the other day and you can read it here. Thanks for the press!

Spring is coming in nicely over here. As someone who lives in dark gloom half the year, a little sun goes a very long way, so I hope everyone else is feeling a bit "up," too! I'm so glad to be out and about taking photos of the instruments against a bit of vegetation -- that porch gets awful tired over winter!

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UKEonomics said...

my pleasure! Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions.