Coming up...

Well, everyone, we had a super busy weekend what with egg-hunting and our open mic on Saturday. Good times, and I hope to see everyone come back for this month's "Last Saturday of the Month" open mic.

For those of you interested in what's around the bend, I have a fleet of customer instruments on the mend this week including workshop photos of a c.1915 9-string guitar, a ton of Hawaiian ukuleles, and several nice old banjos and tenor guitars. Plenty of eye candy!

AS FOR THAT SALE I HAVE LISTED... it'll be going on through this month. I'll be listing everything at their rock-bottom prices right from the get-go, and return to regular pricing in May. Call it "nesting" for our new babe due in early May!

Also, please bear with me as I update the inventory page this week. I messed up the code the other day and I noticed a few items went missing in the resulting trying-to-patch-it-up, so I think that'll all get solved tomorrow and it'll all get tidied up and up-to-date.

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