c.2002 "King" Proffitt-style 5-String Banjo

A few degrees separated from the early 1800s gourd banjos, this style of fretless Appalachian 5-string banjo is known as a "Frank Proffitt" style instrument due to the namesake's style of building banjos. It's real folky, not very loud, but very pleasant to play.

This was in for a setup as the maker had an idea of how to make a fun banjo but perhaps not an idea how to set it up so it didn't slice your fingers with mile-high action...

The original (carved) 5th peg was cool but non-functional. I replaced it with a standard violin peg like the rest of them and now it tunes up just fine.

I love all the bug holes in the wood!

The burned-in star on the rear and at the headstock are great!

And yup, it even has what appears to be an old bit of a chair as a strap button/faux dowel.

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