c.1979 Oscar Schmidt 15 EBH/R Autoharp

I forgot to post this yesterday but this is a '79 (still made in the US) Oscar Schmidt autoharp with the fairly-standard 15 chord bars. I think these later instruments are some of the most practical and sturdy designs produced and I've had a few through the shop. I've had some earlier autoharps, too, but they often have some pretty heavy structural issues.

At any rate, this one is all-original, has its tuning wrench, strings in good order, and it sounds and plays just fine. What I love about autoharps is that they'll give you a different idea about how to write new material since the chord-sounds are so completely different from a guitar, uke, mandolin, or similar. They also sound great on record, filling up that curious void that you hear filled on old Carter Family albums.

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