c.1960 Gibson 17" Archtop/Jumbo Brown Hard Case

It's not very often I highlight cases on the blog, but this is a way-cool arched-lid 17" jumbo/archtop 5-latch Gibson case that probably dates from around '55 to '60 or so. This, of course, suits those big J-200s and L-5s alike and is in surprisingly-good shape for its age.

This is being consigned here at the shop and I figured Gibson fans might like a peek at it. It was made, of course, by Lifton.

Cool pink-plush interior...

There's that logo...

The latch below the handle doesn't have its retaining bar anymore.

On the rear of the case the cover's seam has come undone at the edges. Here I've pulled it back a little so you can see the ply underneath it. It's almost entirely secure but the back has some small separations here and there, mostly at the lower bout area.

Still, it's a gig-ready piece of equipment and would look dandy with a properly-glam archtop or J-200 sitting in it.

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