c.1950 Regal "Sailor" Ukulele

What's grey-purple and tan and... yadda yadda... it's an early-50s Regal soprano uke with a "sailing" stencil! Note the anchor. Note the sloop tacking into the wind... note the pennants and ocean waves. 

Work included a fret level/dress, seam reglues, slight re-angle of the neck with light shimming and glue, new tuners a cleaning, and a setup. It plays great and has that sort of sweet and open sound I think of the lower-grade Regals as having. Having an unbraced (but thicker) top helps, though, of course.

This fella is all-solid birch throughout.

No cracks on this uke, but it sure does show some wear.

The blue and yellow Regal label is chipped-off around its edges.

Brass frets and amazingly good intonation.

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