Workshop: Modern Martin Neck Reset

So, you've got a modern Martin model that has one of their "mortoise and tenon" joints and the neck is pulling up with a gap at the heel...

So, what's new? This happens to them all at some point as the bolt rattles loose in the socket and the insufficient glue gives out.

The solution is relatively easy. See that little serial block on the neck block? Well, it's stuck on with some obnoxious double-sided tape, so one has to pry it loose...

Now that it's off, I'll use some other double-sided tape to stick it to the back of the guitar near the Martin label, where it should have been in the first place.

Here you can see the bolt head that's under where that serial block was. Tighten this up real tight and you should be good to go. At the same time, if you have the time to go to the hardware store, replace that bolt with a hex-head type so you don't strip it the next time it needs tightening!

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James Cole said...

would you still have to remove the neck / check action / adjust if needed and re glue ? anyhow.......nice website and work