Shipping Delays & 5-Year Note

Just a quick note to everyone who picked up stuff in the last 3-4 days: some shipping got delayed today due to some snow on the roads (I couldn't take what didn't get out with the mail truck to the PO directly), so look for your trackers tomorrow. Someday I'm going to have some staff to get stuff really cooking quickly!

By the way, since today I've now been doing this five years full-time! Thanks again to everyone who's supported this crazy way of life for me!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the five years Jake. You've made a lot of people happy in that time. I hope life is going great for you and your family right now.
All the very best
Alex from Aus.

Anonymous said...


checkerboardflyer said...

Hey Jake, thanks for the great work you do on these wonderful old instruments and thanks for sharing that work on the blog!

Bill from Chicago.