Clippings: Vega Electric Upright Bass (c.1940)

Alright, if anyone has one of these, let me know. I'm in the market for an EUB and this would totally float my boat. How cool is it that back then they had these things?

I scanned this from the back of a 1941 issue of The Guitarist magazine.


Josh said...

Wow! I had no idea EUBs were such an old thing. I play a modern one, and other than the fact that I've not been able to put together a combination of electronics that makes it sound like anything other than an electric bass, it's great to play. I wonder if any still are being played?

Antebellum Instruments said...

EUBs are hard. I made the decision long ago that if I wanted an acoustic tone on anything I have to use a mic, but if I want to be plugged in I'd have to be satisfied with going pretty far away from a straight acoustic tone and just enjoy an instrument for what it is and not worry about what it isn't... :D