c.2002/2013 Fretless Fender "Sting" P-Bass

Update: Spring cleaning! Gotta love this bass but I have bills to pay, as usual -- parts alone run in the $700 range on this fella, and it comes with a brand new tweed gigbag.

I just wanted to do a quick post on this P-bass of mine: it's a total hot-rod sort of build with a WD fretless, ebony-board neck on a 2002 Fender Japan "Sting" reissue Precision bass body (this has contoured cuts) with its original single coil pickup. I originally installed a piezo pickup in the bridge but since then I've removed it. The 3-way switch now operates "as normal" in two positions and "no volume pot" in the third position, which means you can have a couple volume settings (or a volume kill, if desired) preset at the flip of a switch.

For fans of old P-basses, this should look familiar as it's an iteration of that first P-bass model. I've always loved the simple styling of these guys and the centrally-mounted plain-Jane single coil pickup.

Forgive my slightly-too-short strings. These are D'Addario Chromes in the pic, but since posting this is now rocking GHS "semi-flattened" (ie, ground to flatwound feel) strings for a more edgy but still jazzy tone.

The 1-ply pickguard is also a repro. This came with a glossy white one but it was just too stark for me with the ebony board. It would've looked good with a maple board, though.

I tried to stay true to the looks of the bass with the added big chrome-plated 3-way switch.

Under the bridge cover is a typical two-barrel retro adjustable bridge. The strings mount through the rear.

See that nice tummy cut? It makes it very cozy to play compared to the regular "slab" P-bass reissue bodies.

All in all, this is a really good fretless bass with just enough playing-wear to give it some authenticity and just enough vintage vibe to give you 50s/early 60s shivers down your back when you plug in and record.

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