c.1930 Favilla Painted Soprano Ukulele

This darling little thing is a turquoise/blue-green Favilla soprano and it's in spectacular shape for an original, unrepaired instrument. The only work I did on it was leveling and dressing the frets, cleaning, and a light setup. It has no cracks, the bridge and neck are sturdily-glued, and it's good to go.

As one would expect, too, it sounds great! Something about that nearly 13 1/2" scale length coupled to a very light solid all-birch construction must be what does it. This has a loud and full-spectrum tonality with a sweet warmth.

It's roughly "Martin-sized" for a soprano which makes it a little wider and longer than your usual Chicago builds.

Painted fretboard dots. Originally these brass frets were painted-over blue but after the dressing they're bright brass once again.

Gold Favilla decal. Ah, yes, for those not in the know -- Favilla, made in New York, desirable, and all that. A good brand.

The original bakelite pegs work just fine.

Who doesn't like that color? It's so cool. I already feel like I'm on an oceanliner bound for the islands...

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