c.1955 Luna Soprano Ukulele

Old Luna ukuleles are not very well known over here, but they were for a long time the premier make over in Japan. As a consequence, despite being relatively plain and made out of relatively simple materials -- they're fantastic instruments. This one has tone and volume that easily matches most old Martin style 0s that I've worked on and played.

I worked on this for a customer and did the bare minimum to get it going -- cleated a top crack, made a new saddle, and installed some parts-bin friction pegs -- and then set it up. Plays nice.

I have to admit: it's nice to work on a uke again. Haven't finished off many since November. I'll be having a few nice ones finished in the next couple days, though, so I'm looking forward to that.

The body size on this is more akin to a "modern" soprano uke -- being like a Martin size but wider on the lower bout -- which gives it plenty of airspace for a warm, mellow, but projecting tone. The scale length is 13 1/2" which means it has a feel that's somewhat longer than a 1920s-40s soprano, which typically used 13" scales.

The top is excruciatingly thin which is part of the reason this sounds so great. I'm talking like a little over 1/32" or so. All solid wood, though.

Simple shield headstock shape.

Pearl dots, brass frets.

Good label in the soundhole.


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