Workshop: Archtop Neck Reset

This nice-grade Regal-made mid-30s archtop definitely needed a neck set. I steamed it out and the joint came out full of random crud and oodles of extra, useless glue.

Noe the shims already present on the dovetail. The previous attempt at a reset had the right ideas in mind and the fit of these shims into the joint is actually pretty decent. What the repairman forgot to do, however, was fit the flat of the dovetail joint better so that it wouldn't move over time -- which is the reason this joint failed in the first place.

Also note that the fretboard extension is entirely cut off. In this case the extension needs to be reset at a different angle post-reset with a wedge of shim under it and this makes that job 100% easier in the end.

Having the right tools to clean out the joint and dovetailed neck end help a lot. I'm using random scrap wood pieces plus adhesive 80-grit sandpaper to create my own sanding tools that fit the nooks and crannies of the joint much better than any standard tools could.

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