c.1999 PRS Custom-Ordered Electric Guitar

This wild PRS is owned by a friend of mine and is one of those rare PRS guitars that's actually used by a player rather than a collector...! It's "Puff the Magic Dragon" green and purple with an alder slab for the body, carved flamed maple "cap" top and flamed maple neck. These are well-thought-out instruments and the simple wiring and very hot pickups make for a guitar that can do quite a bit of stuff while retaining its essential "electric guitar-ness."

Work on it was basically setup-related: fret level/dress, cleaning and adjusting of stuff, and a setup. The plating was wearing off the one-piece stop tailpiece so I sanded it down smooth in the worn area, buffed it out, and then added a couple coats of varnish to seal it up.

Ah, I also installed a new Graphtech nut, too. Check out the crazy colors!

Classy strap buttons.

Pretty intense flame...

...and gold Klusons fill out the scheme...

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Anonymous said...

Paul Smith & Joe Knaggs hand signed this piece after an earlier meeting with them over Crab Cakes in Maryland :o)